Water and the United Nations - How much do you know?
We have no intention of wasting your time.

We cannot afford to bore you.

We are getting in touch because we need your help.

When you see something from UN-Water, we want you to engage in dialogue and action.

So, please tell us what you know and what you think about UN-Water. Do you have a good understanding of water-related issues and recent campaigns? How do you think we could improve the way we communicate and inspire action?

In return for spending a few minutes filling out this survey, you’ll receive an original piece of art, a chance of winning a UN-Water bottle, and our genuine thanks and appreciation.

Please be assured that all of your answers will be treated confidentially by the UN-Water Technical Advisory Unit.

What is your gender?
What is your age?
If you had to choose one, which of these categories do you identify with most?
If you work, in which of these fields do you work?
Where do you live?
At what level did you complete your education?
Do you think we (all of us) can create a better future for everyone?
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