JCC Bonding Camp Registration Form
This form is the registration form for the Joint JCC Bonding Camp (2D1N).

The camp is a 2D1N camp that will be conducted on the 25th to 26th of June at ITE central concurrently with the ITE event "Campus Game Fest" which has generously agreed to sponsor us the location and prizes in the running of the camp. The objective of this camp will be for the various JCCs to have the opportunity to bond with each other. As since our clubs have such similar interests, we believe it will be in our best interest to work together. And hopefully through this camp you will be able to make friends with people from the other clubs.

We also invite the cosplayers from our various clubs to participate in Campus Gamefest's Cosplay Runway where you will be able to not only gain stage experience, but will also receive attractive prizes from the event's "Sure win" Lucky Draw.

Details of the camp :
Date : 25th to 26th June
Location : ITE CC
Cost : $5 per person (Will be used for game materials and other logistics)

Note : Because this is an overnight camp, we require you to fill up an indemnity form and get your parent/guardian to sign it, to ensure that they know that you are going for this camp. The indemnity form can be downloaded from this link http://tinyurl.com/j878xm3 . Please print and then bring along the filled up indemnity to submit on the actual day of the camp.

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