Professional Development Funds Application
The DFW-CHW Association can provide limited funds available for members to attend: CE opportunities, Conferences
Workshops, & Other desired CHW professional developmental opportunity

*Must be a paying active member of the association
*Must send with reasonable amount of time for the Board of Directors to make a decision
*Limited to 1 funding opportunity per member

Please note: These funds only cover registration costs, not hotel accommodations, meals, or travel reimbursement.

Members will be notified via email if funds can be awarded.
Applicant Name: *
Applicant email address: *
Are you a current CHW or CHWI? *
Are you a current member of the DFW-CHW Association? *
Name of Event requesting funds for: *
Total Amount/Funds Requesting: *
Date of Event *
Location of Event (Venue, City, State) *
Registration Deadline Date *
Why do you want to attend this event? *
What do you hope to gain/learn from this event? *
If awarded funds, would you be willing to share your experience with the DFW-CHW Association Members (via photos, spotlight in newsletter, or during our quarterly member meeting)? *
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