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As many of you know, the Board has hired a consultant from the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, to help give the OCF guidance and support in redefining historical decision making roles, particularly senior staff roles, including the GM.
Listening sessions have been taking place to bring as many OCF stakeholders as possible together in a collaborative process. Your input is of great value to the consultant who will synthesize the information gathered which will inform her recommendations to the Board of Directors. IF YOU HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO ATTEND A LISTENING SESSION, please submit a survey.

Confidentiality: The information shared in the Listening Sessions will be synthesized and shared with the Board, in a completely anonymous fashion. What this means is that no names will be linked with opinions or what people said, though an anonymous summary of feedback from specific stakeholder groups may be provided.

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What keeps you involved in the Oregon Country Fair? What excites you? What draws you in?
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What are the most important features of the Oregon Country Fair that you want to make sure are maintained or stay the same?
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