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Which of Molly Moon's seasonal ice cream flavors should we get for the party? (This is just an example of how to run a ranked choice election with Google Forms, if you want delicious ice cream, leave this page and go to instead.)

Muddy Buddy: Muddy buddies (also known as “puppy chow”) are a perennial favorite this time of year in gift baskets and potlucks. While it may be ubiquitous in some households, our MUDDY BUDDY ICE CREAM is brand new to molly moon’s scoop shops! We take crunchy organic Chex cereal and coat each piece in Theo milk chocolate, sunflower butter (remember: we’re peanut-free!), and powdered sugar. Once those irresistible morsels are completely coated, they get tossed into tubs of our salty and sweet sunbutter ice cream! We can’t imagine a better flavor to top with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a Chukar cherry!

Vegan Satsuma Swirl: This time of year, in every market, we see beautiful bright mandarin oranges with their waxy deep green leaves. Satsumas, a varietal of the mandarin family, with their perfect balance of sweet and tart citrus flavors are the perfect wintertime fruit for a bright jam in our VEGAN SATSUMA SWIRL. Our kitchen teams are peeling these fragrant and bright fruits, and cooking them down into a thick syrup. We swirl big dollops of jam into our organic vegan coconut ice cream base and churn it until it’s a smooth and creamy! This flavor goes perfectly with a little coating of vegan chocolate hardshell on top.

Salty Toffee: SALTY TOFFEE ICE CREAMis back! Every year we find a spot in our ice cream calendar for this flavor that people absolutely obsess over. This ice cream has it all- the perfect flavor combination of salty, bitter, and sweet and the ideal textural contrast of a silky smooth ice cream, studded with crunch buttery toffee coated in dark chocolate. We make our homemade chocolate toffee the way it should be made- with plenty of butter, sugar, and cream! While the toffee is still warm, we sprinkle it with Theo dark chocolate pieces. After the toffee cools, we break it up into bitesized chunks and fold it into our rich and buttery, brown sugar toffee ice cream. This ice cream is so good, we think everyone should try a scoop!

Sour Cherry Creme Fraiche: Yet another molly moon’s winter tradition is our crème fraîche ice cream. If you’re unfamiliar with our crème fraîche ice cream, it’s a combination of rich local heavy cream and tangy buttermilk. The ice cream is extra rich and decadent, but balanced with the slightly perky flavor from the buttermilk. Every year we save a little extra summer fruit to swirl into this ice cream and this year we’re using a tart cherry jam. During the height of cherry season, we made sure to set some of those cherries aside to make this bright ruby colored jam to swirl into the crème fraîche ice cream. We recommend trying this flavor with a dollop of our homemade lemon curd on top!
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