TAF 2020 Online Survey
This survey will aid us in our planning of a successful TAF 2020 Online! All information provided is kept confidential. All questions are optional to answer.

Please note we are introducing a new program, Sprouts, to continue serving our youngest -aged campers to the best of our abilities. Program placement is based on the highest grade completed (2019-2020 school year).

Sprouts: Grades 1-3
Juniors: Grades 4-5
Junior High: Grades 6-8
Youth: Grades 9-12
Labs: All are welcome

If you have questions, you can reach out to the Program Directors:
Sprouts & Juniors - sprouts@tafworld.org or juniors@tafworld.org
Junior High - juniorhigh@tafworld.org
Youth - youth@tafworld.org
Labs - taflabs@tafworld.org

Thank you!
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Email
We may reach out to you with additional questions.
How many devices do you have that can connect simultaneously to the internet? (ex. phone, tablet, computer)
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If you have more than one child in the same program, do they have access to their own device or will they be sharing one?
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TAF Online will utilize a video conferencing service. What platform(s) are you and/or your children familiar with? Select all that apply.
What is your US Time Zone?
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We are moving to a multiple weekend format. Tentative dates are from 7/25 to 8/15. Would your child be able to attend?
Individual program lengths may vary.
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Would you be interested in weeknight programming?
We may host the occasional camper programming on a weeknight, ex. small group hangouts.
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The upcoming school year will certainly be affected due to COVID-19. Although nothing is for certain yet, can you briefly tell us what your school district is considering? ex. Starting school earlier than usual, starting school later.
How has social distancing and e-learning been for your family?
How has your family been impacted by COVID-19?
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