Request for Recommendation by Mr. Holloway
This is your request to be considered for a recommendation. Unfortunately, I will not be able to write everyone a recommendation this year. Please have back up teachers or other in place in case you are not selected.
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I will contact you through email to announce whether you earned a recommendation
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Physics, engineering, comp sci, English, basket weaving, etc.
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Your score on the AP C test *
Out of the 160 AP C students I had last year, what number would you rank yourself and why (briefly) *
Out of the 40 AP B students I have this year, what number would you rank yourself and why (briefly) (are you in the top 17?) *
Please be honest and consider the abilities of everyone in the class. Are you top half, or bottom half and go from there.
Why do you deserve a recommendation above my other outstanding students (briefly) *
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Number of AP classes attempted including this year *
Number of 5's on AP tests *
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