DxA-Kiva Special Initiative | Application
We look forward to meeting you! Please confirm your eligibility as described below, and then complete the form to apply (it should take ~20-30 minutes). Applicants of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply; we especially encourage applications from first-generation, immigrant, and refugee entrepreneurs.

Confirm Your Eligibility:
+Small business, or small business idea, based in the U.S. with a legal business form (e.g., LLC, sole proprietorship)
+Seeking $1,000-$15,000 in zero-interest loan funding
+Responsive to email
+Applicant is 18+ years of age
+No minimum credit score requirement
+Additional Kiva policies: Business must be legal at federal level; Applicant cannot currently be in bankruptcy; Applicant must not have been convicted of a financial or fraud-related crime; Business must not be related to selling tobacco, weapons, adult entertainment, or a pawn shop or multi-level marketing business; Loan funding cannot be used to purchase stock or equity, nor to refinance debt

What Will Happen After Applying (~2 months until loan disbursement):
1. DreamxAmerica Pre-Approval/Endorsement: After an initial evaluation by our team, a DreamxAmerica team member will respond to you by email within 1-2 weeks if either: a) we are pre-approving/endorsing your loan application, or b) we would like to set up time to interview you by phone in order to determine our decision regarding pre-approval/endorsement.
2. Kiva Loan Application & Approval: If you are pre-approved, our DreamxAmerica team member will walk you through the Kiva.org loan application and formally endorse your application as a Trustee once it is submitted.  Note that the loan amount approved is not always the amount that you request, as it depends on Kiva's underwriting evaluation; however, the DreamxAmerica partnership with Kiva generally ensures a boost above the amount typically granted under similar circumstances.  You will receive an email from Kiva within 1-2 weeks asking you to approve your profile for the “Private Fundraising” stage.
3. Kiva Loan Fundraising: Loan funds are raised via the Kiva platform in two stages: the Private Fundraising and Public Fundraising stages. The DxA-Kiva team will ensure the Private Fundraising stage is completed quickly by sharing your page with its network (no need for you to do anything). Next is the “Public Fundraising” stage, when your page will be made public to Kiva’s community of 1+ million online lenders. At this stage, both you and DreamxAmerica will share the page within our networks to help ensure the loan is fully fundraised; it generally takes ~45 days to complete fundraising. The vast majority of loans on Kiva’s platform get fully funded.

For an example of what your Kiva page will look like, see here: https://www.kiva.org/lend/2042009. Release: By submitting this application and Kiva's application, you are agreeing to release Kiva, DreamxAmerica, and its partners and affiliates to use your submitted information and photo on digital media, including to help ensure your loan is fully fundraised.

4. Disbursement of Loan: Finally, you will receive an email from Kiva on how to receive funding, as well as how the repayment process works.

Please email andrew@dreamxamerica.com if you have any questions.

DreamxAmerica-Kiva Special Initiative Team
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Please confirm that you have read and meet the eligibility requirements above, including that your business has been registered as a legal entity (e.g., LLC, sole proprietorship). If you are uncertain, please email andrew@dreamxamerica.com with any questions. *
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Loan Amount: What amount of zero-interest loan funding are you planning to apply for? Note that the amount of your loan may not be the full amount for which you apply. *
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Loan Use Description (MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS): Describe what you will use the loan funding for, and how it will impact your business. Don't worry about making this perfect - we will help to edit it for the loan process. *
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If Yes to the Above: What is your country of birth or (if first-generation) your parents' country/countries of birth? *
Please provide the names and email addresses of 2-3 personal references (we will not contact them without reaching out to you first). You can list anyone who can speak about who you are and your character. *
What is one piece of advice you would give to younger people who might hear your story and look up to you? *
Please confirm that you are comfortable with DreamxAmerica sharing your Kiva page/photo and selected quotes from your application on social media. If there are any special considerations or anything in particular you do not want shared, you can include a note next to "Other." *
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