Innovation Mapping
This tool is used to map the innovativeness of your company. It identifies potential white spots, and returns their criticality and priority, for your internal discussions and a prompt action to solve the issue, if there are any.

The questionnaire is consisting of 12 sections:
1. Innovation Strategy
2. Management
3. R&D
4. Operations
5. Procurement
6. Marketing & Sales
7. Internal tools
8. Business Processes
9. Issues Management
10. Company Culture
11. Communication
12. Employee

All sections are consisting of 8 questions each, except the Company Culture section which is consisting of 10 questions. All questions are required to be answered with a 1 to 5 agreement scale.


We would kindly ask you to send the questionnaire to other colleagues within your company, so that it could be easier to make a more thorough and precise analysis about the actual situation of your business.


All questions imply a reply with your own agreement or disagreement to what is written. You have to express it by selecting a number from 1 to 5. You have to reply all questions, so they are all set as "required".

Numbers meaning:
5 = Strongly agree
4 = Somewhat agree
3 = Neither agree nor disagree
2 = Somewhat disagree
1= Strongly disagree

Thank you for your participation!

Smartangle Team
IMPORTANT: required personal information of respondents
The questionnaire requires information as:
- Email: to get back in touch and send the outcome of the analysis
- Company name: to help us in the data processing and get a more precise outcome about your company

Please fill in those two required fields as they are important for the analysis.

All information will be treated according to our Privacy Policy (link By participating to this questionnaire you confirm you have read and agree to our policy.

Thank you in advance,

Smartangle Team
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