Little Hill Farms Goat Purchase
Do you have secure fencing? *
Do you have other goats? *
is there a specific goat for sale you are interested in? What breed are you interested in? *
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is your shelter area big enough for another goat? Goats should have a minimum of 15 square feet of indoor space and 250 square feet of outdoor space. More is always better when it comes to space *
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What are you interested in goats for? *
what is your opinion of this quote "The difference between a breeder and a multiplier is that one breed for specific traits that improve their animals whether that be to make a better animal through their own or show standards? While the other just keeps making more babies with no care for improving what they have."
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Are you in 4-H /FFA?
If you're being honest what is your past experience with owning rabbits? it's totally ok if the answer is none. *
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If your answer to the above was none or not much what kind of research/sources have you used to learn more about rabbits and the care thereof?
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