2019 SoulPlay Festival Scholarship Application
Hello beautiful one!

Do you feel called to join us this June 6-9 but the ticket is just out of reach?

We know that when it comes to finances, sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down. Therefore we would like to offer the opportunity for some people that need additional help to come participate in the magic that is SoulPlay.

We would like for as many people as possible to experience the magic of SoulPlay and want to make it as accessible as possible. However, in order to make it a sustainable event that can carry on into the future for years to come, we must ensure that it is also viable financially. SoulPlay is a very expensive event to produce. The all-inclusiveness of the event, along with its rich content delivered by an incredible group of teachers, musicians and DJs make it so. Therefore, we cannot offer any full scholarships.

The contribution as part of the scholarship program is $300.

(This is a $250 scholarship off the price of a "Regular" ticket.)

Please realize with an open heart that we can only offer this to a finite amount of people. If your request is not accepted, we hope you understand that this is not personal and that you continue to be part of our SoulPlay community and join us for future events.
One way to do this is to apply for our work-trade program. The application can be found here: www.soulplay.co/festival/participate

We will be releasing scholarship decisions in batches on specific dates.
First batch: Feb 15th
Second batch: March 15th
Third batch: April 15th
If we have any scholarships left we will continue to award them on a rolling basis until the event.

Much love,
The SoulPlay Team
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