What do you believe?
This is a simple Survey of your basic Beliefs.
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On a scale of 1-10, what is your level of belief?  Choose the number that represents your level of certainty.  Click the number 1 if you strongly disagree, Click the number 5 if you aren't quite sure. Click the number 10 if you strongly agree.
Please be honest
Is there a God?
NO Absolutely NOT
YES Absolutely YES
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Did God create the Universe?
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Does Life have a Purpose?
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Does God know you and your future?
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Do you believe you were destined to be successful and wealthy in this life?
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Does God know the future value of all potential investment vehicles (stocks, real estate, crypto, business opportunities)?
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Can you have a direct two-way communication with God?
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Does God use spiritual helpers (angels) to influence us?
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Do you believe in a Dark Force? (Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Evil, etc)
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Does this Dark Force have helpers who try to influence us? (Dark angels)
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Do you believe in a life AFTER this life?
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Do you believe that you existed in a life BEFORE this life?
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