HARVIS PROJECT - 1st Advisory Board Meeting
The overall objective of HARVIS project is to identify how cognitive computing algorithms, implemented in a digital assistant, could support the decision making of a single pilot in complex situation. The project will produce a roadmap to help the EU and Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking orient the research and development in the next decade.

To get input, suggestions and comments from the aviation community, the project decided to involve various stakeholders, like members of the industry, pilots, professional drivers, and professional users of AI and digital assistance in complex systems, through face-to-face meetings, bilateral interviews and surveys.

During this First Meeting, several use cases will be described to illustrate how a future digital assistant implemented with artificial intelligence could be helpful. The feedback from participants will be gathered to decide which Use cases will be then actually implemented within the HARVIS project.

You will be asked to provide your opinion respect to how the envisaged digital assistant will impact safety, efficiency and performance, the benefits and the possible drawback it could bring and how much it will impact current roles, training needs and certification.

Place is limited, so we will be able to accept only the first 25 registrations.
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