Memories in a Masterpiece Painting, by Jennifer Walters, Mimosas & Masterpieces
A Memories in a Masterpiece painting is a custom and individualized acrylic painting on canvas that will bring a child's (or individual's) story to life on canvas!   Every piece is hand painted by artist, Jennifer Walters.  Below, you'll help by sharing details of the child's story.  The more detail you can think of the better!  You'll share details including dates, favorite memories and items, first milestone items, hobbies, loves.   

The idea for our kids' "Storyline" paintings are to have smaller canvases that can be added onto as they grow up!  Perhaps the first painting is birth - elementary school, the next is 8th - high school, the next is college.  We can help with the time periods based on the items you can come up with.  

First, we'll create a theme and add in details for your painting.  Does the child love the beach where shells in the sand could be memories, do they love reading and each book is a "story" about their particular interests and milestones.  Maybe a game board where the spaces are the details. We'll help with your theme if you'd like, once we read through your details.  

There are two sizes -12" x 12", 11" x 14" that you'll choose from.  The canvas that we will use is archival quality, 100% Cotton, stretched around a 3/4" Frame.  We will make every attempt to completely paint the edges of your canvas so it can be hung directly on a wall, but we recommend framing the piece for the ultimate gift and masterpiece. 

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Email *
Details about your custom painting.
Each painting will include:
*1 Main theme or concept.  Think of the theme that most represents your child.  I can help with this once you share your stories!
*5-10 memories or moments - birthday party/story, firsts - steps, words etc. 
*5-10 hobbies or commonalities- sports, favorite TV Shows, books, toys.
*3-5 Special Dates - birth date, start of school, milestone or acheivements.

These will not be portraits, and no portraits will be included.  We also cannot "copy" any other artwork or copyrighted piece of material. (We cannot reproduce anything Disney related.  Disney is a copyrighted company; thus all characters and logos are protected and cannot be reproduced.  Sorry!)  

Memory pieces will be small segments of your canvas depicting a small scene, memory or item, based on the details you're going to provide.  Rendition will be at the discretion of the artist.  Because every scene or item is different, some could take a few minutes or up to hours to paint; additional scenes/memories can be added for $25 - $50 each if you want to see more after your initial sketch.

Once we review your answers, we will email you some ideas about how your Masterpiece will go!  If you agree that you'd like to continue, there will be a non-refundable $100 due to add you to the list and have your sketch created.  Once we get to your name on the list, we'll create your sketch with limited detail and send a short video describing what's in your sketch.  There will be up to 2 changes allowed to the original design before we paint. Additional changes will be at a the balance of $150 or $175 is due before we go to canvas and deliver your painting.  You will have the option to see work in progress once I begin painting.  Work will be completed in the order in which deposits and payments come in.  

**We will only make two attempts to contact you about feedback/selections and payments.**   

Any deposits made will be non-refundable.  We will discuss meeting in Central NJ or Dauphin County PA to make pick up/delivery.  If you choose to have your painting shipped, Packing, Shipping, Handling and insurance will be additional and based on your location, size of the painting, etc.

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Who is this gift for?  *
What is their relationship to you? *
What's the occasion?  *
What time frame in the child's life would this painting reflect?  (Please fill out one form for every piece of the Storyline Painting if you are requesting more than one, or discuss with us.) *
Do you have an idea for the main theme?  If you're unsure just type "Help with this" as your answer and once I read through your answers I can offer suggestions. *
Important Dates you'd like included.   Add as much detail as you can here. We include a minimum of THREE!  So give us more if you can.  *
Share your stories!  Here's the time to help me capture other details of your story and memories.  Provide me with 5-7 milestones or memories you'd like to see, they can incorporate the dates above you just talked about.  We include a minimum of FIVE! So give us more if you can. *
Share some interests or hobbies! Is this for a couple; what are their favorite things to do, eat, play with, places to go.  We include a minimum of FIVE!  So give us more if you can. *
Of everything you shared, tell us the five things you absolutely want incorporated into your painting and cannot be left out. *
Are there any other random details or items that you'd like us to know about? (Favorite color, food, show...) *
Would you like to see the progress of your painting via text, messenger or email?  If so, say Yes and include the best way to send that to you.  If no, just say No or Surprise me!  *
Would you like the progress of your painting turned into a sharable reel on Facebook/Insta?  If so we will create the reel to share AFTER you have received your finished peice.  *
If you would like a reel and you have an important song in mind, please let us know otherwise we will choose! *
If there is any particular photos you'd like us to see please send to  (Pets, them with their favorite item/toy, something specific that may be memorable to them.)
We look forward to creating one of the most memorable gifts you can give!  Please know that each painting is FREEHAND painted by ONE artist - myself.  Each painting takes between 15 - 30 hours  depending on detail and the memories.    

We hope that when you do receive your Memories in a Masterpiece that you record your recipient's reaction and share it with us by tagging @mimosasmasterpieces on Facebook and Instagram!  We can't wait to make Memories and Masterpieces for you! 
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