StanCon 2019 Scholarship Form
This form is for scholarship requests. Deadline is May 1, 2019.

Scholarships are entirely dependent on funding from StanCon sponsors. No scholarships may be awarded because of lack of funding or because no applications merited funding in the StanCon committee's judgement. Some guidelines:

Anyone can apply for a scholarship, student, academic, industry.

We expect you to not have alternate funding sources. If we suspect otherwise we will ask. StanCon Helsinki had some scholarship requests from students whom we well knew their departments would support them.

We want to fund Stan community members that could not attend without support. We are very interested in supporting people from far away, under represented regions. This means places like South America, Africa, Asia and so on.

We also want to support Stan contributors.

We hope to have responses out by May 20, 2019.

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What funding are you requesting? For conference registration, tutorial registration, and lodging scholarships, we will waive fees. For travel, we will reimburse costs. *
If you requested travel support, please estimate costs (within $500 USD) for travel to Cambridge, UK.
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Where are you coming from? *
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Please tell us what we need to know to determine whether to provide support. Just tell us the situation, no need to get fancy. We will likely request clarification. *
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