We Are Aisha
This Ramadan, Rabata is commemorating the life and legacy of Sayyidina Aisha (ra) by honoring men and women whose lives emulate hers. Below you will find a number of categories that reflect different aspects of who Aisha was. Each category also represents a project of Rabata. We will recognize a nominee in each category for his or her contributions to their community that demonstrate what it means to live like Aisha (ra) today.

Nominees can be Muslim men or women, age 17 and above. You may submit as many nominations as you would like, but you will have to complete a separate form each time. The categories are:

1) Worshipper (Circles of Light): This is a person who dedicates herself to worship, praise, and remembrance.
2) Writer/Author (Daybreak Press): This person could be a publisher, an author, a blogger, a screenwriter, a journalist - anyone who serves the community by writing.
3) Humanitarian (Rabata Care): Someone who provides exemplary personal care and material support for others in his or her community.
4) Social Justice Champion (Daybreak Bookshop): Someone who works hard in his or her community to uplift and create change.
5) Convert Supporter (Project Lina): An individual who looks out for the needs and well-being of converts to Islam, whether emotional, spiritual, educational, or material.
6) Leader: A person who brings people together and motivates them to be their best selves.
7) Scholar/Teacher (Ribaat Academic Program): A teacher in a public institution or a weekend Islamic school, a homeschooling mother, or any other person who possess great knowledge and works to spread it.
8) Student (Ribaat Academic Program): A learner and seeker of secular or religious knowledge.
9) Positive Change Agent (RABATA!): Someone working to achieve positive cultural change in any level of society.

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