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The NDSA is a collaborative effort among US-based government agencies, education institutions, non-profit organizations, and business entities to preserve a national collection of significant digital content: http://ndsa.org/ The NDSA's institutional home is the Digital Library Federation (DLF) at the Council on Library and Information Resources: https://diglib.org/

To express your interest in joining the NDSA, please complete and submit this form.
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Your NDSA Program Representative
Your Program Representative is the main contact for your group's participation in the NDSA. Responsibilities may be shared among colleagues (for example, to serve as working group representatives or respond to NDSA surveys), but this person functions as our main, working contact with your organization.
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Authorized Signator
This person is empowered to agree to membership on behalf of your organization, and is in a position to commit time of the organization's employees for participation in NDSA working groups. He or she will be copied on application communications.
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Interest Groups
NDSA interest groups get things done! Please select ONE OR MORE interest groups to join as part of your application process, and list volunteers' names AND e-mail addresses. Program Representatives and Authorized Signators are welcome to join interest groups as well. Interest group chairs can later direct you to working groups you may wish to join. https://ndsa.org/groups/
NDSA Values and Membership Commitment
By checking this box, your Authorized Signator affirms organizational commitment to the NDSA Foundational Principles (https://ndsa.org/about/foundational-principles/) and to participation as outlined in our statement of Membership Commitment (https://ndsa.org/membership/join/) and for the contacts provided above be added to the membership listserve. *
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