2018 Rope Skipping Canada Bylaw Amendments
Full descriptions of the bylaw amendments can be viewed at www.ropeskippingcanada.com
Bylaw Amendment 1 of 3 - Article 8, Withdrawal of Membership
The amendment to Article 8 will allow the responsibility of collecting information to fall to the entire Rope Skipping Canada Board of directors.
Bylaw Amendment 2 of 3 - Article 14, Modify Membership Descriptions
The amendment to Article 14 will provide members with a better understanding of the membership structure of the organization.
Bylaw Amendment 3 of 3 - Article 24, Board of Directors
The amendment to Article 24 will clarify the composition of the Board of Directors and the number of directors that are permitted to be elected to the Board from each province. Additionally, it would be made clear the process for submitting nominations for the Rope Skipping Canada Board of Directors.
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