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To provide an opportunity for youth everywhere to learn and generate new solutions to some of the worlds most prominent issues, we are hosting a virtual leadership conference, “Creating Your Impact in Isolation: Cultivating Student Leadership in the Time of COVID-19,” the weekend of January 29th - 31st, 2021.The conference will kick-off with a Webinar ceremony with the conference organizers and a keynote speaker on Friday evening, followed by a series of workshops and community-building activities Saturday and Sunday. Student coordinators from our team will facilitate workshop activities with the help of guest speakers including experienced professors, field professionals, and student leaders. We will delve into these topics through readings, videos, lectures and most importantly, discussions. In the final stages of the conference, students will have the opportunity to network with other attendees as well as brainstorm tangible action steps to bring back to their own communities; thus giving them the resources and connections to inspire their confident abilities to make their impact. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below with your information and workshop track preferences. We hope you will join us the weekend of the 29th!

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Workshop Registration
Please refer to the descriptions below in order to select your workshop. In an effort to allow you to attend a workshop you want to attend while also managing workshop size, you will be able to select your top three choices. After registration has closed, you will receive an email letting you know which of the three tracks you have been registered for and the materials you need for each.

Global Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join public health experts in discussions on the factors that contribute to access to healthcare worldwide and learn about the response to COVID-19 from a variety of countries and the global health community. This workshop track will provide a quick overview of the fundamentals of international health relations and an opportunity to explore the pandemic’s effects on our health systems. Students will be left with a better understanding of the constant battle to enforce health as a human right and ways in which youth can be leaders in improving access to quality healthcare globally.

News and Narratives Surrounding Refugees

As of 2019, 79.5 million people were forcibly displaced due to war, conflict, persecution, human rights violations. Each one had different experiences, struggles, hopes, and dreams yet we often perceive refugees as a monolithic group of people with a shared identity. In this workshop we will challenge those stereotypes by first beginning to learn about who refugees are and what the process of asylum seeking actually entails. We will hear from speakers with a broad range of firsthand experience working with refugees, and gain a window into the daily lives of refugees living in the US and abroad. Finally, we will start to form our own plans as to how we can raise awareness for frequently overlooked refugee crises and support for refugees within our communities.  

Protecting Our Planet: Environmental Leadership

Join authors, climate activists, and educators to discuss the most pressing issues our planet is facing. This workshop will focus on the climate crisis and possible solutions, methods for sustainability, the environment as a whole, and how COVID-19 has influenced all of these. Students will walk away from this track with a deeper understanding of our climate situation and what they can do to help.

Speaking on the Unspoken: Leadership and Mental Health

This very special workshop will aim to overcome the echo chambers and taboos regarding Mental Health issues while focusing on the connection between mental health and leadership. This workshop will inspire students to keep themselves and others mentally well during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Join student leaders and mental health experts to discuss mental health issues, ways to keep you and your communities well, and so much more. Because,
your mental health matters.

The Future Is Female: Women in Leadership

Join feminist speakers, field professionals, and college faculty members in conversations regarding women and leadership. This workshop track will give students an opportunity to not only gain a deeper understanding of themselves as feminists as well as the intersectionality between women, leadership, and the workplace. This workshop is for all students, female and non-female identifying students, who want to develop their inner feminist.

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