Additive Pens - Ordering Form
Additive Pens Batch 5 order form will be open from March 14th to April 9th 2018! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email or our Facebook page!

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Batch 5 Additive Pens:
Section and Cap:
- Alumilite Blanks by Jonathon at the Carolina Pen Company
- Turned by Carl Fisher of Fisher of Pens
- Screw on cap!

- New industrial grade material! Superior strength, clarity, and moisture resistance.
- Unparalleled accuracy and consistency.
- Polyurethane Coating for increased clarity and ink resistance.
- Slight tint (unnoticeable when filled with ink)

Notice: Shipping Cutoffs! Mid-Late June
The shipping cutoff for mid-late May has been been maxed out!

All new submissions will be due to ship in mid-late June. Thank you all for your support!

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Pick your nib!
The our pens come equipped with steel JOWO #6 nibs, interchangeable with Edison Pens and FC nib units. Please note that these are German styled nibs and write approx. one size larger than Asian nibs. The 18K gold nib option is also available as an upgrade option for $135.
The CrossFlex V2
Now made from JOWO #6 Nibs, the new CrossFlex Nib features a custom triple channel ebonite feed made by the Flexible Nib Factory!
Reyes CrossFlex V2 Nib Writing Sample:
Select Nib Size: *
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Barrel Design *
Section/Cap choice: *
Alumilite Section / Cap
Limited quantities for both choices! Only 50 are available for each style! Blanks are made by the Carolina Pen Company then made into caps/sections by Fisher of Pens.
Example of Double Helix vs. Ribbon:
Dark Alumilite:
Light Alumilite:
Black Cherry Koi
Primary Manipulation 3.0
Once the form is submitted, I will contact you within 2 days to confirm your pre-order. Payment will be collected at that time. Thanks for supporting the Additive Pens project! If you didn't receive an email within 2 days, please email me a remainder!
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Thank you for your support! All proceeds go towards helping an engineering student get through undergrad.

- Jerry

For sales, customer support and inquires, please drop me an email at:

For design suggestions and ideas, drop Andrzej an email at:

We also have a Facebook page we will be using, so please give us a like and follow along for updates!

For manufacturing inside looks and updates, please follow my instagram pages

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