2019 Parkland College Entrance Scholarships
Welcome to the 2019 Parkland College Entrance Scholarship application form! Please complete this form and send a copy of your transcript(s) to the Scholarship Committee by email at scholarships@parklandcollege.sk.ca or drop off at any Parkland College location (Attn: Scholarship Committee, c/o Anne Olafson).

Please send a copy of your final Grade 12 transcript OR your Grade 12 first semester marks if you will be graduating in June 2019. Your application is not complete until we have a high school transcript.

Letter of Rationale
The letter of rationale is used in the event of two merit-based applicants having the same average. Please include basic biographical information not asked for in the application and some reasons why you deserve to be the recipient of a scholarship.

Award recipients will generally be notified by early June 2019. Awards will be presented in late September 2019.

You must be beginning post-secondary studies at Parkland College to be eligible for these Entrance Scholarships. Students chosen for a scholarship will receive a cheque after your enrollment is confirmed.

You must be a full-time student to be eligible for many of these awards. A full-time student is defined as someone who will be taking at least 60% of the maximum course load (i.e. three university classes per term).

Award availability is subject to change. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to limit the number of scholarships awarded per person. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to move an application to another category if it is in the student's best interest.

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Voluntary Ancestry & Affiliation Declaration
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Scholarship Choices
You may apply for up to three scholarships. The committee reserves the right to move your application to a different scholarship if it is in your best interest. Award availability subject to change.
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Letter of Rationale
Please submit a letter (no more than 300 words) about yourself and why you should be awarded a scholarship. It can also be emailed to scholarships@parklandcollege.sk.ca or dropped off in a package at any College location.
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Photograph clearance *
By clicking this box, if you are selected as a recipient of a scholarship, you consent to the unrestricted use of your name and/or photograph by Parkland College for the purpose of promoting the college and the scholarship program.
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By clicking this box, you certify that the information provided in your application is accurate. This constitutes your electronic signature.
Please Read
The Parkland College Scholarship Committee would like to thank all applicants. Only successful applicants will be notified (via email). A list of recipients will be posted at all College locations and on our website at www.parklandcollege.sk.ca.

Please make certain that you submit your letter of rationale and high school transcript to complete your application.

Thank you and good luck!

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