CNCT | Pastoral Care Survey
As part of our efforts to continually evaluate ministry teams and gather perspective on processes to get better at what we do -- we are gathering insight from those who are serving or are interested in serving in the area of Pastoral Care at Connect. Please take a moment to answer honestly the questions below so that we can take those observations and create opportunities for improvement as we move forward as Pastoral Care Project Team.
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Whether leading or serving in ministry: how can pastoral care best serve your ministry?
How do you believe pastoral care serve the whole of Connect Church? *
How do you think we can best funnel care from church to pastoral care? I.e. identifying church members needs to PC contact and reaching out, etc. *
What do you think is the best form of communication to assigned Pastoral Care Coordinators? (i.e. Basecamp PC Team) *
What do you think is the best form of communication to church members, and why? (i.e. email, text, calls) *
How often should we intentionally reach out to church members (i.e. send out 10 calls/texts every month)? *
In your opinion, what do you think is the most convenient way to track contact points to church members? (i.e. individual spreadsheets per pastoral care team member, large Pastoral Care spreadsheet, or other tracker) *
Do you think any member of our church would be a good fit to step into Pastoral Care? All names will go to Executive Leadership Team to be discussed for potential placement. *
Is there anything else you think should be mentioned as we design the Pastoral Care Team and Program? *
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