Mayor’s Youth Council on Climate Action Application
Climate change is the single biggest threat to our future, and the young people of Los Angeles are on the frontlines, stepping into leadership roles today. To continue to cultivate that leadership, the Mayor’s Youth Council on Climate Action formalizes a leadership role for youth in city government to drive action and advocacy on climate change.

The Council will develop plans and objectives for the year to help drive ambitious climate action, raise awareness, and engage Angelenos on the solutions. Members of the Council will have the opportunity to learn, inform, and take initiative on a number of climate-related topics throughout the year. The Council will also engage with counterparts across the world and serve as a model for collaboration in the global effort to combat the climate emergency.

By the end of the school year, Youth Council members will have gained knowledge about current climate action efforts and kicked off a coordinated campaign with the Mayor’s Office to address climate change and inspire others to join.

Participants will be selected through an application and interview process, and will meet on a monthly basis throughout the 2020-2021 school year (virtually or in person depending on safety and health guidelines). Applications are due by September 6, 2020 at midnight.

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1. Applicant must live in the City of Los Angeles

2. Applicant must be between 15-22 years of age

3. Applicant must meet at least ONE of the below criteria to be eligible

a) Has demonstrated leadership on climate change, environmental issues or environmental justice
b) Currently studying STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics)
c) Residing in a community negatively impacted by environmental justice issues, and disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution. (**as defined by CalEnviroScreen data as the top 25% scoring area

4. Applicant must complete sections 1 to 6 of the application
Which eligibility requirement(s) do you meet? Select at least 1 *
1. Councilmember will stay informed on issues related to climate change.

2. Councilmember will actively participate during Youth Council meetings and throughout the year in a shared online communication platform.

3. Councilmember will engage their communities around climate action.

4. Councilmember will only be allowed ONE excused absence. Please see program dates below.

Calendar *Dates are subject to change
Thursday October 1, 2020 5-7pm
Thursday November 5, 2020 5-7pm
Saturday November 14, 2020 (potential offsite/virtual engagement)
Thursday December 3, 2020 5-7pm
Thursday January 14, 2021 5-7pm
Thursday February 4, 2021 5-7pm
Saturday February 20, 2021 (potential offsite/virtual engagement)
Thursday March 4, 2021 5-7pm
Thursday April 8, 2021 5-7pm
Saturday April 24, 2021 (potential offsite/virtual engagement)
Thursday May 6, 2021 5-7pm
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Please describe your involvement with school-based or community activities related to environmental issues. Examples include, but are not limited to: after-school clubs and organizations; service learning projects; community and volunteer organizations; religious groups; cultural groups; sports; internships/employment opportunities. List up to 3 activities below, specifying the organization, your role, and a BRIEF description of your involvement.
Activity 1 *
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Please provide a thorough and detailed answer for the following essay prompts. Each answer is limited to 250 words.
Please describe one climate-related topic you believe has a significant impact on Angelenos and a possible solution (policy or program) to this issue area: *
How do you think young people can contribute to and participate in addressing climate change? *
What set of unique skills, talents, and experiences would you bring to the Mayor’s Youth Council? *
What do you hope to accomplish/learn during your term as a MYCCA member? *
What are three policies or topics that you are interested in the Mayor’s Youth Council on Climate Action focusing on? *
Were you previously a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council for Climate Action? *
If you were previously a member of MYCCA, how do you plan on using your prior experience to support the work of the 20-21 cohort?
Identify a total of TWO (2) individuals that agree to be contacted to provide an additional recommendation. One should be a community or religious leader and one should be a person engaged in the student’s academic experience. The individuals should not be relatives.
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