Pablo Inza Sofia Saborido in Basel 2018

Friday April 20
21h-1h Warm up Milonga in Corrientes: "La Copa Loca"

Saturday April 21
14h-17h30 Seminar 1 (3h) Dancing into the music!
Breaking habits. Stop doing “Copy-Paste” and start improvising. Go out from your comfort zone to be more musical....

18h-19h30 Workshop 1 (1.5h) Pivoting
Different ways and possibilities using the pivot..

21h-3h Milonga live with Show in Launchlabs
El Cachivache - Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido
DJ Virulazo

Sunday April 22
13h-16h30 Seminar 2 (3hs) Dancing on the spot, the full circularity.
Exploring the giro (turns). Dissociation, structure, directions, elements (sacada, gancho, boleo).

17h-18h30 Workshop 2: Tiny and rhythmical.
In this class you will practice useful small patterns that will fit in all those moments when the music ask you to go fast.

Workshops and Seminars in Corrientes
Saturday live milonga in Launchlabs

Prices Regular Reduced
1 ws 45 35
2ws or 1sem 90 70
1ws+1sem 120 90
2ws+1sem 160 120
2sem 160 120
1ws+2sem 200 150
2ws+2sem 240 180
Reduced prices are solidarity prices for students or for people with low income
Friday milonga : 10 CHF
Saturday live milonga : 30 CHFregular price / 25 CHF reduced price

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