2019 YogaSlackers' Teacher Training Application
1st Round May 1st, 2019
2nd Round July 1st, 2019
or after we receive 50 applications. Whichever happens first.

We will be accepting at the most 30 students.

1) Please complete the following *EDITABLE* form.
The form DOESN'T save any information until you click 'SUBMIT'!
We recommend you copy and paste longer answers from a saved document.
After submitting the form, a new window will open with a thank you note.
You will be able to modify your answers afterwards.
If in a time crunch, quickly fill in the form with notes, and come back to edit them later.

2) Send nonrefundable application fee of $50 via PayPal to:
tt@yogaslackers.com. You can send $50 as friends and family or $51.80 if you prefer to pay as goods and services.

Or contact us for other payment options. Make sure whatever method you use, we receive $50.

Accepted applicants will have the $50 applied towards their tuition.

NOTE: You will have to send links to your statement of interest, pictures and video. We suggest you start gathering those, add them to a google folder and then start filling out your application.

List of Images:
1) Headshot
2) Favorite Slackline Yoga pose
3) Favorite Acro or Slackro pose

List of Videos:
1) Walking the length of a 30+ ft slackline
2) Jumping into and out of a handstand (no spotter)
3) Handstand on the wall (15 sec, side view)
4) Favorite Acro or Slackro flow (15 sec to 1 min max)
5) Cartwheels on the ground (both directions)

In 500 words or less, please tell us why you want to be a YogaSlackers Teacher, and what you would like to do after the training in terms of teaching, practice, creating community, etc. Also include what you hope to gain from the training, other than the “blessing” to teach using the YogaSlackers name.


Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dates: Nov 26 - Dec 6th
Arrive on Nov 26th between 1 and 4 pm
Depart on Dec 6th at 1 pm

No late arrivals or early departures

Cost: The cost for the training is $3,200 per person
If you are accepted, you will be required to send a $500 deposit immediately
A final payment of $2,650 will be due Sep 1st.
($3,200 tuition - $50 application fee - $500 deposit)

Teachers who pass our course will receive the YogaSlackers blessing to teach as "'your name' of the YogaSlackers". New teachers will be encouraged to begin sharing their work (and adding to it) through workshops, classes, events, performances, tours, and intensives - all backed by the YogaSlackers name and our growing support system.

Graduated teachers will be listed on the YogaSlackers official website, with a profile, bio, list of classes you're teaching, locations of those classes, and links to your external websites. Teachers can request access as administrators of their regional YogaSlackers Facebook Pages. Teachers are allowed to purchase (at a special 'teachers only' rate) additional eLines, YogaSlackers DVD’s, clothing, jewellery, and whatever else we come up with for retail sales.

Sam Salwei, Raquel Hernández-Cruz, Emily Baxter
In collaboration with Caitlin and Dane of Duo Die Acrobatics

Plus other YogaSlackers teachers on staff.

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