2017 District 12 Director Registration
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Memorandum of Understanding

Between PMEA District 12 and All High School Directors
High School District and Region Festival Obligation

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets forth the terms and understanding between PMEA and the director as to the obligations set forth in the PMEA policies regarding district and region level festival attendance at student registration and to serve on an audition committee.


As per the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Festival Contract, a PMEA member from the student’s district will assume responsibility for this student and accompany the student to the On-Site Registration and serve on the Audition Committee. Every student is required to have a PMEA Member accompany him/her to registration. If an emergency arises, it is imperative that the PMEA member contacts the District 12 President as well as the host director and designates a proxy who is a current PMEA member and a teacher in their school district.


This MOU will ensure that the directors of students participating in the festival will be made aware of their responsibility to accompany their student(s) to the festival registration and participate on an audition committee.


If any student arrives the day of the audition or festival without being accompanied by a PMEA member from their home school district or their president-approved proxy, that student will be unable to participate in the audition or festival.


This MOU is at-will and may be modified by mutual consent of authorized officials from PMEA. This MOU shall become effective upon signature by the authorized officials from PMEA and will remain in effect for the course of the entire school year.

By checking this box, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the Memorandum of Understanding and agree to the consequences outlined in the MoU in the event I do not uphold my duties for auditions and festivals.
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