Application to Teach at the Powerhouse
Individuals are welcome to apply to teach arts classes of any type for children and/or adults here at the Powerhouse. This includes, but isn't limited to, dance, visual arts, and theatre arts. Applicants will be reviewed by the Arts Council staff and classes will be allowed based on qualifications and availability.

We love hosting new classes here at the Powerhouse, and we offer the following to instructors:

- Online ticketing/registration
- Classes are listed on our website and promoted on our social media pages
- We handle sign up and payment processing

What is the name of your class? *
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Please create a short class description, such as what would be used to describe the class to potential students. *
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What dates would you be interested in? *
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are not available for classes. The exception is that Saturdays can be used for all day workshop.
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How many class meetings would you like to have and how long would each class be? *
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What would the desired age range for this class be? *
Do you want to teach a class for kids, teens, adults, etc?
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How much would you charge for students to attend your class? *
Please note that there are two prices, one for YAC members and non-members, and the Arts Council takes a $5 commission from member prices and $10 commission from non-member prices.
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Do you have a minimum number of students? *
For example, can you do with the class with three students or do you need at least five?
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What is your marketing plan? *
How do you plan to market your class and ensure that students sign up?
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Please list any equipment you would need from the Arts Council for your class. *
This includes items like tables, chairs, microphones, etc.
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Please provide a lesson plan. This is a longer description of the class that is more for our use than for publication. *
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Please submit a resume and/or a written description of your abilities and what makes you qualified to teach this class. *
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Please list your contact information. *
Include your name, phone number and email address please.
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