Japanese Placement Test for Spring 2018
Please fill out the form to register to take the paper portion of the placement test. The paper test usually takes less than 2 hours for beginners and more than 2 hours for students who have 3-4 years of experience studying Japanese. The speaking test will be scheduled individually at the time you take the paper test. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Yoshimura at yuki@asianlan.umass.edu.
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It doesn't take the whole 4 hours, and you may begin taking the test anytime during the scheduled test time. But we recommend that you have at least 2 hours to complete the test for the 1st and 2nd year Japanese.
If you have a schedule conflict with your class, please write the class name, class time, and when you are available to take the placement test. You have to let us know all of your available times during week 1, not just the best time for you.
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