Fighting Back!
While in the U.S. Navy, I was trained on the BoFors 3-Inch, 50 Caliber anti-aircraft gun. It was designed during World War II to help drive the Japanese back to their little island and restore peace. It worked. But the Gunner’s Mates of World War II had to train. You no doubt, have loved ones who, without intervention, are currently doomed to die and spend eternity in Hell. You know it. I know it. Every other statement of fact in your life pales in comparison to that reality. If you think it’s time for intervention (and it is) – and would like some solid, usable training (new or refresher), we are planning to provide just that. Remember, if there is one thing Satan does not want you to be comfortable with, it’s invading his territory with an effective plan of salvation. His major goal is to stop you at all costs. He is very good at instilling Fear of Failure. He especially does not want you confident in sharing the Gospel. Make no mistake, that’s where your fear is born – in the Pit. Let’s learn and practice reducing the Fear Factor and take some islands back. Our pastors have told us that 2019 is to be the Year of Evangelism at First Baptist. They aren’t joking. If you’re interested in playing your part, let’s get down to it.
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