SCSC School Provided Device and Electronic Usage Acknowledgment
Please read each section carefully of this agreement for school devices and type your FULL NAME at the bottom. By typing your name, you are agreeing to all terms set forth. Your name submission will be time stamped and kept on record as current for the school year.
Section 1: Equipment
This agreement is made effective upon receipt of a School Provided Device, between Switzerland County School Corporation(SCSC) , the student receiving a School Provided Device (“Student”), and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian (“Parent”). The Student and Parent(s), in consideration of being provided with a School Provided Device, software, and related materials for use while a student at SCSC, hereby agree as follows:

1. Equipment:

a. Ownership: SCSC retains sole right of possession of the School Provided Device and grants permission to the Student to use the School Provided Device according to the guidelines set forth in this document. Moreover, SCSC administrative staff retains the right to collect and/or inspect the School Provided Device at any time, including via electronic remote access; and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware.

b. Equipment Provided: Efforts are made to keep all School Provided Device configurations the same within each school. All systems include ample RAM, hard-disk space, open office software, and wireless network capability. SCSC will retain records of the serial numbers of provided equipment.

c. Substitution of Equipment: In the event the School Provided Device is inoperable, SCSC has a limited number of spares for use while the School Provided Device is repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for such a substitute. The Student may NOT opt to keep a School Provided Device or to avoid using the School Provided Device due to loss or damage.

d. Responsibility for Electronic Data: It is the sole responsibility of the Student to backup indispensable data as necessary. SCSC does not accept responsibility for any such files or software.

e. Responsibility for Installed Software: The Student may not install or uninstall any software to the School Provided Device without prior approval from the Technology Staff. Operating System and Application updates will be run from a central location.

f. For each student that is provided with a School Provided Device there will be a Technology fee of $25. These fees will go to help with upkeep of devices that are provided to each student. Parents/Guardians will have an option to set up payment plan at the time of registration.

g. Beginning with the Freshman class of 2015-2016. These students as part of their technology fee will be charged for their device and after graduation will keep their device.
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