ESA Member Org Funding Application
Funding Application Checklist

-My organization is recognized by University of Southern California and a member organization under ESA.
-My organization is in good standing, as deemed by ESA.
-The event is open to all students.
-I am NOT applying for funding from any other funding board.
-I understand that funding is NOT guaranteed.
-I understand that a presentation is required to complete the process.
-I have read the policies of ESA’s funding process located here:


-You must contact the Director of External Affairs, Firuze Barimani (, and Director of Financial Operations, Soven Bery ( at least 5 weeks prior to the event to schedule a presentation time.
-The funding application must be completed 5 weeks prior to the event
-All evaluation forms/receipts/invoices must be turned in to the Director of Financial Operations in person within 1 week of event’s completion.

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General Information
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Org Name *
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Student ID *
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Event Information
Event Name *
Event Date *
Start Time *
End Time *
Location *
Venue *
Expected Attendance *
Program Type *
Is the event co-sponsored? *
If so, with who?
Is this event confirmed (venue booked, talent negotiated, etc.)? *
Total cost required: *
Total cost requested: *
Short Answer Question
Event Description *
What is the main objective or goal of your event? *
How does this event enhance your organization’s goal and vision, and contribute to overall campus life? *
What effort will you make at your event to help make our campus environment more sustainable? (e.g., avoiding the use of bottled water or making your event ESA Certified) *
Budget Proposal
Please download and fill out a budget proposal for your event following the example below. For Expense Type choose one of the following: (Admin, Food, Production, Promotion, Talent, or Venue). If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

(form here:

Budget Proposal Example
Budget proposal *
Quote or Invoice
For each expense listed in the above budget proposal, you must also submit a vendor quote or invoice that includes all the items to be purchased from that vendor. For food vendors, an adequate quote, such as a screenshot of your checkout cart on the vendor website or a picture of the menu, is required for internal paperwork. Examples can be found below.

For grocery stores, please download and fill out blank generic quote (price estimates from other grocery stores can be used).
(form here:

Quote Example
Quote or Invoice *
Vendor Address *
Vendor Phone Number *
By signing below, I agree that I have read and met all the requirements and deadlines listed above. If the event has to be canceled, I will notify ESA as soon as possible, undo all processed payments, and announce to all potential attendees about the cancellation.
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