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I am looking for people to guest post on my site! Topics include (money, coupons, savings, frugal living, crafts, activites, and others) if you are interested, please fill out this form and I will contact you! I need one every week on Thursdays, so if you have more than one, please let me know and I will work you back into the rotation!

Utah Coupon Deals will not use any of the information provided for our own posting. We simply would like to feature your post/information on our site to help others. It has to be family friendly and the content has to be related to the other content on the site. We will give you full credit for your post and we will not sell or share your personal information. By agreeing to this you are giving UtahCouponDeals the right to post your article on their site, as long as we give you proper credit for the article. You also understand that several thousands of people will have access to and read the article. Please do not put personal information in it (such as birthdays, real names, address, phone numbers, etc).
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