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Organizations/individuals receiving Peoria Diamond Club grant funds acknowledge that these funds are to be used solely in support of the purposes specified in the grant application. If program needs change, please contact the grants committee for approval. The organization receiving funds agrees to adhere to the Peoria Diamond Club's reporting requirements, including, but not limited to, submission of an expenditure report on the use of funds, and any requirements of the Internal Revenue Code pertaining to foundation grants. By submitting this form, you accept and agree to the above conditions of grant awards. *
Submit your cover letter and a copy of your W9 as email attachments to: *
Grant recipient organizations are expected to respond with a short video to acknowledge the grant award. The PDC reserves the right to post these on social advertising or other means of marketing. They are also required to send follow up pictures or video of the kids participating in the program for which the funding was awarded. This is again, to be used in marketing. Please have confirmation from parents or guardians to use the child's likeness for said purposes. This responsibility falls on the organization sending the video or pictures to the PDC.
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