2019 Obedience and Rally Entry Form
Online entry is a two-step process. 1) Complete this form and submit. Then watch for a PayPal invoice (you will receive an invoice within 24 hours), and 2) pay that invoice. Only once both steps are done is your entry is complete and accepted.

PAYMENT is by PayPal -- within 24 hours will receive a PayPal invoice from me. Your invoice will include a $6.00 handling fee (this will help cover the cost to the club and secretary for using PayPal).

This form contains 7 sections, with all of the fine print required by AKC. Sections 1, 2, 5 and 6 must be completely filled out (if a question does not apply to you or your dog, enter or select "NA"). In Sections 3 and 4, you can skip those questions that do not apply to your dog and this entry; just scroll down and click NEXT to continue.

Section 1: Owner Information
Section 2: Dog Information
Section 3: Obedience Classes
Section 4: Rally Classes
Section 5: The Fine Print
Section 6: Required Signature
Section 7: Extras

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