Baptized Catholic Adult Registration
For adult First Holy Communion and or Confirmation registration.
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Do you Have a Confirmation Sponsor? *
Your Confirmation Sponsor needs to have all three sacraments of initiation ie., Baptized, has received his or her First Holy Communion and is Confirmed. If the person you chose as your sponsor is married he or she must be married through the Catholic Church no exceptions.
Name of Sponsor *
If you do not have a sponsor yet fill in N/A to move on to the next question.
Emergency Contact *
Name, Phone number, Email ,Relationship / Nombre , Numero de telefono , email, Ralacion a usted.
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Remind and Google Classroom Authorization *
I allow St. Thomas adult First Holy Communion and or Confirmation adult formation class to send me an Invitation to download the "Remind and or Google Classroom apps". These apps are used to communicate changes, reminders, assignments, important updates, etc. If you decide to NOT download the apps you will be responsible for staying aware of all changes in schedules and assignments.
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