Worship Help Needed!
We need you! At CCC, we believe that the church is a better place when everyone plays a part. Whether you have five, ten, or fifteen minutes to spare on Sunday morning, you can make a meaningful contribution. Please select the areas where you'd like to serve from the categories below.
5 Minute Jobs
All of our five-minute options allow you to sit with your family and participate like everyone else for most of the worship service.
10 Minute Jobs
These jobs require you to either come early or do a little bit of prep work before Sunday, but the tasks themselves only take about 10 minutes before or during the worship service.
15 Minute Jobs
These jobs are a little more involved, but you will play an essential role in making our worship services happen!
Other Opportunities
These are opportunities that don't exactly fit our 5/10/15 minute model, but they're just as important! Check any of the boxes below and we'll follow up with you.
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