Black Hills Photo Shootout 2023 Registration
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Once registered, I understand that if I cancel between opening of registration, and July 28th; 50% of my total registration fee will be charged - for ANY cancellation. *
Once registered, I understand that there are NO refunds for cancellations starting July 29th through the event; and that there are NO refunds for no-shows at the event. *
Session I:  Saturday AM (pick your top choice) *
Session I: Back-Up 2nd & 3rd Choice (in case your top choice is full.) *
Session II: Saturday PM (pick your top choice) *
Session II: Back-Up 2nd & 3rd Choice (in case your top choice is full) *
Saturday Evening Instructor Meet & Greet Special Event - FREE optional event. 7:45pm+ *
Saturday Evening Night Owl Add-On Sessions: Twilight Photography $55 (includes taxes.) Add $3 for CC Fee. Night Glow Fee $245 (includes taxes) Add $9 for CC Fee. *
Session III: Sunday AM (pick your top choice): *
Session III: Back-Up 2nd & 3rd Choice (in case your top choice is full): *
Session IV: Sunday PM (pick your top choice): *
Session IV: Back-Up 2nd & 3rd Choice (in case your top choice is full): *
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If you wish to pay by Check, make checks payable to: J Grammond Photography. Then please send the amount due in the U.S. Mail: J Grammond Photography c/o Jay Grammond  30811 119th Circle NW  Princeton, MN 55371. Once I receive your check and it clears in the bank, I will confirm your choices from this survey. *
Waiver (All Participants Must Read And Sign This Waiver):  IN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to participate in the 2023 Black Hills Photo Shootout I, for myself, my personal representative, assigns, heirs, and next of kin: 1) Acknowledge, agree and represent that photography is an activity carrying risk of personal injury and I know that there are natural and man-made obstacles, hazards, surface and environmental conditions and risks which, in combination with my actions, can cause me severe or fatal injury. I also agree that I, and not J Grammond Photography; Jay Grammond; Black Hills Photo Shootout; Participating Lodging Businesses; Event Instructors; Event Ambassadors; Volunteers; Event/Session Sites; and Sponsors, am responsible for my safety while I participate in the Black Hills Photo Shootout. 2)  Hereby release, discharge, and covenant not to sue Jay Grammond; J Grammond Photography; Jay Grammond's Family; Relatives, or Next of Kin; Black Hills Photo Shootout; the City of Custer; or any Local, County, State, National, Federal entities, and Black Hills Photo Shootout Sponsors, Organizers, Volunteers, Instructors; associated entities and all of their employees, directors, officers and any or all persons connected with the Black Hills Photo Shootout (Hereinafter the "Releasees"), from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages on my account caused in whole or in part by negligence of the Releasees or otherwise. 3) Give my permission to J Grammond Photography and Black Hills Photo Shootout to use my name and any photographs, video, film, recordings, evaluations or any other record of my participation in the Black Hills Photo Shootout for any promotional purposes without obligation or liability to me. 4) Agree that this Release and Waiver shall be valid for and apply to all activities and events connected with the Black Hills Photo Shootout through the event, and during the following five years in which my signature is dated below. *
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