Sponsor-STO Application-2019
Fill out a form for each STO applying.
By having an STO serve ACTIVELY on the State Thespian Board also means you are committed to serving on the Adult Board. This commitment requires that both you and your student attend ALL Saturday meetings and participate in State Thespian Festival, Junior Thespian Festival and Leadership Camp duties.
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Scheduled Mtgs and Required Events. These are subject to change.
August 9-10 Board Meeting/STO Retreat @ Mountain Pointe - 5 pm
September 7 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
October 12 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
November 2 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
November 15-16 Festival

January 11 Perry @ 9:30 am
February 8 Agua Fria @ 9:30 am
March 7 Bradshaw Mountain @ 9:30 am
April 3 Board Meeting @ Mountain Pointe 5 pm
April 4 Jr. Fest & Leadership Day @ Mountain Pointe
May 9 Sabino (Tucson) @ 9:30 am
June 3 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
July 7-10 Camp

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Be honest.. Think about the time spent on shows, in your classroom, the hallways, as an officer of your own.
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Being a State Student Officer takes all of the qualities listed above. Given your relationship with this student, please explain why you feel this student will or will not be a successful student officer. *
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