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Important: Prior To Filing This Application Read All Participation Criteria.

The Juneteenth Celebration accepts performances based on positive content and family friendly presentations.
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There are no charges from The Riverside Juneteenth Committee for this option.
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Standard area is 10x10. A tables and two chairs are provided at no charge upon request, as long as the request is made by the dead line.
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You must agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Riverside Juneteenth Committee, the City of Riverside’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services, listed sponsors and their affliates, and/or any of the government agencies, co-sponsoring companies, as well as their agents, employees, assigns, chairs and co-chairs of this event, from and against all injuries, whether personal or real, claims, damages, losses, judgments, liabilities, expenses, and other costs including litigation costs and attorney’s fees arising out of, resulting from or in connection with any negligent act or omission by yourself or your employees or agents in providing services and/or goods at the Riverside Juneteenth Celebration.
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