Hands on Housing: West End Community Housing Consultation
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We'd really like to hear from you, your thoughts and experiences of living in the West End related to housing.
The Good Things Collective & West End Morecambe have been raising some of the issues working with advisors and Lancaster City Council over the last year or so based on feedback we've had from community members. We hope to continue to work together with wider community input to make positive changes to the housing offer in the area.

The time has come where we need more structured and wider input. This will help us to pull together useful information and evidence to better understand what needs to change, what the top priority issues are and what the best ways to do something about it may be.

We won't be passing on your personal data, but we will share anonymised data and statistics with people that can help. You can share your contact info if you're happy to so we can keep you up to date with what happens next with housing, but there is no pressure. Feel free to leave that blank if you'd rather never hear from us again!

Information is stored in line with GDPR guidelines and will not be used for any purpose other than working collectively to see improvements with housing locally.

If you want to keep the conversation going about housing online - #handsonhousing
If you want to chat about any other Morecambe related issues #morecambematters
Tell us about your current circumstances:
Remember this is anonymised and will help us get a better understanding of the situation.
How would you describe your current housing situation?
Clear selection
What type of property do you live in?
Clear selection
What is your Postcode?
How many people live with you?
Are the people you live with relatives?
Clear selection
How would you describe your current employment status?
Clear selection
How old are you?
How would you describe your gender?
Are you currently involved with any community organisations locally?
Clear selection
If yes, which ones?
Generally, thinking about housing in the West End...
This section is your chance to tell us what you think matters or should be done.
Do you think the community should have more influence on the nature and state of local housing?
What issues relating to housing do you think need most attention?
Who do you think we need to influence the most and why?
Do you have any concerns about your own housing situation?
Clear selection
If you answered yes, what are the issues of concern for you about your own housing situation?
What needs to change?
This section is will help us identify and prioritise the most important areas for change and
Where is the greatest need for change? Please select your top two.
How might we constructively and positively encourage change in the top two choices?
Renting privately....

There is an acknowledged concern about the current relationship between private residential tenants and those private landlords who fail to meet their responsibilities. We have discussed setting up a forum to help improve things.
Do you think a forum or group for tenants is a good idea?
Clear selection
What do you think such a forum / group might do?
Who should it be influencing?
Would you be interested in joining a group / forum like this?
Clear selection
A community housing project?
There are current discussions about a community housing project that could purchase some housing / property on behalf of the community. Community-led housing projects are popping up, up and down the country and are evidenced to have multiple positive benefits for the the people that move in but also the wider community and area.
This section will help us gain an understanding of your views and possible support for a community housing project in Morecambe.
If a community housing project was to happen here, which of the possible benefits do you think it should focus on?
Do you think a community housing project is a good idea?
Clear selection
Are there any other comments you would like to add a possible community housing project?
Thanks for giving your time and sharing your views to help out and move this forward. We'll keep you all updated with progress through our newsletter, website and social media & other local groups. Stay tuned. Enjoy your day!
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