Pitt Community College Leadership Institute IX Application

Leadership is measured by your contribution!
The 2013 Leadership Institute will take place Oct 2-4, 2013 at the North Raleigh Renaissance Hotel.
Applications will be accepted from 4/29/2013 to 9/6/2013.
The 2013 Institute will accommodate a 40 person cohort. Participation is, therefore, a competitive process.
The first review of applications will begin 9/6/2013.

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The Overall Goals and Conceptual Framework
The following four goals have been consistant since we began this program in 2004.
1. Identify and develop individual leadership competencies
2. Promote cross-divisional interaction and college coherence
3. Build problem solving skills
4. Analyze PCC in the context of state and national models

2013 LI Conceptual Framework
A. Immersion (Oct 2-4. North Raleigh Renaissance)
B. Reflection (2 Sessions). Exact Dates/Times/Locations will be announced for the reflection and completion phases of the program.
November 2013- Ethics & Leadership
February 2014- Alumni perspectives: Decision Making
C. Completion (April 2014) Certificate distribution and light reception

This promises to be a thought-provoking event.

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2. What do you hope to gain from your participation? *
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3. As noted above, you will be asked to participate in the reflection and completion phases of the program (approximately 1.5 hours per session) and a short-term student service project (such as sponsoring Trio students). If accepted, will you continue with this commitment? *
4. Please add any additional comments you may have here.
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