Exploring Water with Young Children Professional Development for K-2 Teachers

How is water different from other substances? What are the unique qualities of water? In this session we will explore together ways to help young children discover more about the physical properties of water and how it interacts with other materials. This session will take an inquiry approach to learning and help teachers to open young children’s minds to the properties of water, begin to dive in to questioning, and then focus their explorations to deeper understandings about how water works on Earth. The NGSS practices of scientific inquiry will be supported including formulating a question and answering the question through investigation. The youngest children focus on scientific literacy and the practices of observation, prediction, and testing and revision of their ideas about how water works. In addition, the cross cutting concepts of Cause and Effect are fully explored as well as System and Systems thinking. The water explorations can also lead to engineering problems that can allow for exploration of problem solving through design.
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