Application to Participate in the Full Month of Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
Please fill out the information below to apply to participate in our 2020 Spiritual Exercises. Fields indicated with an asterisk are required. When you complete the form, be sure to press the blue submit button and answer any "ReCaptcha" questions. If your application has been correctly submitted, you should receive via e-mail a copy of what you have submitted, within an hour after your submission.
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Preliminary Information
❖ Ignatius of Loyola suggests that those who wish to “dispose their soul to rid itself of obstacles in their relationship with God, in order to seek and find God’s will in the ordering of their life” can profit especially from making the full Spiritual Exercises in a month-long period that is set apart for the Lord.

❖ People who have already made a silent retreat (or an 18th/19th annotation retreat "in daily life") can apply to participate in this experience, which the Villa offers in English and French from June 28 through July 31. For more information, please contact Gabriel Côté, SJ, at

❖ In order for us to consider your request to participate in this experience, we will need for you to provide some information about yourself and your hopes for the retreat through this application form. If you are one of the persons selected to participate in the retreat, we will use this information to pair you with a Jesuit or other guide who will be able to accompany you. Your registration is not considered complete until we have confirmed that someone will be able to personally accompany you.

❖ Application deadline - We have a rolling admissions process.
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Personal Availability and Spiritual History
We can only accept a limited number of participants in the full program of the Spiritual Exercises. Please provide us with some information about your faith journey so that we may better evaluate your application to participate in the month-long Spiritual Exercises. We will let you know by March 15, 2020 if we will be able to accommodate your request to participate in this experience.
Availability for the Full Spiritual Exercises
You must be available to participate in the entire experience, from June 28 to July 31, 2020 at a cost of C$ 3,200 (about US$ 2,500), which includes room, board, and accompaniment during those days. In addition to this, we may request advance preparation, which would be agreed upon jointly by the retreatant and a person guiding that person from the Villa team. Do you agree to this?
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Religious Confession (Denomination)
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Parish or Religious Groups/Communities in which you are involved
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Do you meet regularly with someone who guides you in spiritual accompaniment? Describe your experience of accompaniment, with this and previous guides (how frequently you meet, fruit, what qualities in your guide have been of help or hindrance to you, etc.).
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Please tell us about a particular verse, parable, or episode in the Bible or other sacred text that has particular significance for you and explain why.
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Please list your most recent personally guided retreats, specifying location, director, dates, and length and type of each retreat.
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IF you have received psychological counselling in the past three years, please tell us a bit about this experience and what you may have gained from it. OR if other growth experiences in this time period have helped you reach much greater self-understanding and clarity, please say something about this.
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Spiritual Autobiography
In 1,500 words or less (about three pages), please provide us with a narrative highlighting the major events, consolations, and desolations in your spiritual journey up to this point. What has been the role of your family and faith community in this journey? Please explain what prompts you to want to make the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. What are your hopes and desires for this retreat and where do you hope to go afterwards? Are you at a turning point or a point of decision in your life or are you looking to deepen your current journey? Please explain. If you wish to e-mail you autobiography as a Word file or PDF, please say so in the box below, and we will contact you within the week with instructions on how to do that.
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Medical Information
You may skip this section if you have no conditions that you know of that would affect you during this retreat.
♿️ Handicapped accommodations
If you require any special accommodations for a physical handicap, please select "other" and explain:
(Optional) If you have any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or special dietary needs, please indicate them here.
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General Medical
(Optional) If you have any medical conditions that we should know about, please indicate them here.
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Final Thoughts
Is there anything else you would like us to know (optional)?
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A tax-receipt can be issued for any gift to the Villa over $ 25. Financial assistance may be available for qualified young adults under the age of 29. Please inquire with a Jesuit for information.
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