Camp Khalsa 2018 Registration Form
Camp Khalsa will be held at the Mata Tripta Gurdwara in Plymouth, MI Thursday afternoon, July 12th - Sunday evening, July 15th. Our team of 50+ counselors, parent volunteers, and guest speakers has been working for months to make this camp the best one yet! Please email us at or contact Jaspal Kaur at 248-765-4998 or Rasna Kaur 248-765-1145 with any questions or concerns.

**Scroll to the bottom of the form for payment information. For families registering more than one child, you will need to fill out a complete form for EACH child. Please refer to the pricing below for family discounted pricing.

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Please complete the following questions for instructions on how much to pay. The payment will pay for your camper's 10 meals and snacks, water park ticket and bus ride to the park, t-shirt, ice cream truck treat, class supplies, and more!
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Have you completed your payment on Paypal? Without payment, we will be unable to order your child's camp T-shirt, water park ticket etc. If you have paid, hit "yes" and then submit! *
If you are having financial difficulty, we are more than happy to work with you to find a price that works for you in a confidential manner. Would you like to speak with someone about your registration fee being sponsored?
Reminder for families registering more than one child..
If you are registering more than one child, you will need to fill out the form again for EACH child. For example if you are registering your two children you will need to fill out the form completely two times. Thank you for your patience. Please email with any further questions.
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