Example Comments Submission Form
Thanks for your interest in Perspective (https://perspectiveapi.com/) and the Conversation-AI research project (https://conversationai.github.io/)

This form allows you to contribute examples of comments to Google to be used for research and products to improve conversations online. This can include examples of comments that you want in your community, and examples of comments that may be hurting your community. If your examples includes more than 1 million rows, please contact: conversationai-questions@google.com, we'd love to discuss how to collaborate.

Important note: Please do not include any personally identifiable information (eg names, usernames, email addresses etc) in the datasets you share.

We can take the data in many formats (CSV, JSON, even a spreadsheet), so don’t worry about format too much, but the ideal data format (particularly for large datasets) is as a newline delimited JSON file (so called json-lines, where each line is a valid JSON entry; more info at https://ndjson.org).

For example, you can submit a file "comments.json" with the following fields:

source---------------------------------------name of source/publication/section
comment_id------------------------------unique id for the comment
article_id-----------------------------------unique id for the article
community_id---------------------------unique id for community or section (e.g. health, news, tech)
parent_id-----------------------------------null, or comment_id of parent in thread
comment_text---------------------------text of the comment
labels-----------------------------------------list of strings of labels associated with this comment;

Labels can include rejection reasons like "toxic", "off-topic"; positive labels, e.g. "editors-pick" etc; user-flags, e.g. "flagged-as-spam-by-user"; or anything else you think adds information that could help make a conversation better by knowing.

All fields except "comment_text" and "labels" are optional; we need those so that we can understand what the comments are, and what they are examples of.

As JSON-lines this would look something like:

{ “source”: “politics chat", “article_id”: "90163", “comment_author_id: "4acf39f1e2", parent_id: "47210", comment_text: "You are a stupid idiot", comment_id: "47212", labels: ["obscene"]}
{ “source”: “politics chat", “article_id”: "90163", “comment_author_id: "e9af5bb45", parent_id: "47212", comment_text: "You, are the real dummy here! fool!", comment_id: "47213", labels: ["personal_attack"]}

It's helpful to have context for the comments too, e.g. the article the comment is on, which you can also send us, for example in a file "articles.json" with fields something like this:

source--------------------------name of source/publication/section
article_id-----------------------unique id for the article
article_title--------------------title of article
article_text--------------------text of the article
author---------------------------name of the article author (helps identify comments that attack the author)

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