Caltech Y Make-A-Difference Weeks
We are excited that you joined us for Make-A-Difference Weeks 2020 (May 9th to 25th), volunteering and making a positive impact in our world, despite the pandemic. Please complete the form below, to let us know what you did, and to claim your 2020 Y shirt!
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Please share some details on how you volunteered during Make-A-Difference Weeks. Be advised we will be sharing some of the information on social media to show ways Caltech students are making a difference in the world.
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Claim Your Shirt
We are excited to offer volunteers one of our Y 2020 shirts in a variety of options while supplies last (priority given to students). Choose your shirt color, size and cut (women's cut is slimmer than unisex and therefore slightly smaller... so sizing goes: WC small, U small, WC medium, U medium, etc.). You can also choose how to get your shirt including an option for a scheduled, contact-less pick up at the Caltech Y if you are local. Make your selections below:
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