Petition in Support of FLMR Clean Ohio Project
Petition to Support FLMR’s 3001 Graham Road Clean Ohio Conservation Fund Project
We need unify ourselves as one supportive voice in favor of land acquisition for conservation to convince our Washington County Commissioners to support the 3001 Graham Road Clean Ohio Conservation Project.
What is the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund?
The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund is a tax payer approved fund for the purpose of protecting and conserving valuable land for Green Space. In 2008, 62% of Washington County voters were in favor of using tax dollars to fund green space acquisition. This is money well spent considering in a Trust for Public Land study found, "for every $1 invested in land conservation, $4 in natural goods and services is returned to the State of Ohio.
The Clean Ohio Conservation fund requires 501(c) 3 organizations and others to apply for a grant with the Ohio Public Works Commission. A Resolution of Support from both the Fairfield Township Trustees and the Washington County Commissioners is necessary for this grant application to be considered. On February 22nd FLMR approached the County Commissioners with a request for a resolution of support which was denied.
Why it matters
The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund has facilitated the acquisition of nine FLMR properties totaling 262 acres. These 262 acres will be preserved for your grandchildren to enjoy.
Without Clean Ohio Conservation Funds, FLMR is financially unable acquire any more properties which can be saved today before it is too late. If you wish to see FLMR fulfill its mission to conserve and protect natural areas in the Lower Muskingum Watershed you MUST help us convince the County Commissioners to reconsider.
Clean Ohio could make numerous Green Space projects within our county possible. Without these funds the county is missing out on hundreds of acres of green space. We need the commissioners to approve this project as well as future projects for FLMR as well as other organizations.
What Can You Do?
1. Ask your County Commissioners to sign on to the Resolution of Support for the acquisition of 3001 Graham Road, Culter, OH.
2. Sign this petition to demonstrate community support for this project.


Property in Cutler, OH
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