Electronic Dance Music Production

Hello, I am currently completing my master’s thesis at Wolverhampton University. I have chosen to base my study around Electronic Dance Music Production and the various genres that have emerged and developed over the years. In particular I am interested in the various production techniques and methods people use to learn, produce and perform electronic dance music.

If you have ever been involved in making electronic dance music, whether it be as an amateur hobbyist simply for the enjoyment or as a professional producer earning a living from dance music, then this survey is for you. No matter what style of Electronic Dance Music you make, every response counts.

If you could spare some of your time to answer some questions this would be massively appreciated. The survey will last approximately 5 minutes.

Your participation in this research study is voluntary. Your information will be used solely for academic and educational purposes. Your data is stored privately on-line via Google Forms and will not be made publicly available. Your responses are confidential and no identifying information such as your real name, postal address, email address or IP address will be collected. Only myself, academic staff and representatives of The University of Wolverhampton will see your data as it will be presented in my final report.

INFORMED ELECTRONIC CONSENT: By completing this survey you agree to the following.

• you have read and accept the above information
• you voluntarily agree to participate

No data is collected until the form is submitted at the end of the survey, where you will also be given the chance to withdraw after reviewing and answering the questions.

If you would like to find out more information or have any questions regarding this study please contact:

Matt Smith

The University of Wolverhampton