Northwest Side Irish St. Pat's Parade

We invite any and all students, parents, grandparents, parishioners and friends to march with us in the15th annual Northwest Side Irish St. Paddy's Day Parade! We hope to have our biggest Pope Francis Global Academy presence yet!

We will have a trolley again, mainly to attach our signs to, but all for those who can't walk the 1 mile route (littlest kids and older people), but also to carry our supplies. The rest of us will walk and pass out candy, school literature and school logo'd crayons. We will likely have the flatbed truck that our Cheerleaders and Athletes may ride on should they choose to. Everyone should bundle up and dress for the weather, but try to wear identifiable Pope Francis spirit wear, athletic jerseys, or at least Maroon and Gold.

Students must be accompanied by and adult. Each family will sign a waiver. Absolutely no alcohol will be allowed on or near the school presence.

All families coming to participate are asked to bring 2-4 bags of candy that is typical of parade give aways. Chocolate is pretty expensive, so we typically go with fruity flavored items like suckers, smarties, Party sized starbursts, jolly ranchers, etc But, whatever you like as long as it's single sized so we can hand out 1 or 2 pieces to each person. We'll need LOTS of candy!

You may leave your car at the IC School parking lot and ride the trolley over to the line up on Northwest Highway, or you can park around the route somewhere. The trolley will leave IC School at about 10:30 to go to the line up spot, so if you want to park your car there, you'd have to be there fairly early.

Please sign up for all participants in your family. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing everyone there to represent our school!

Parents who will participate (first and last names of all parent, grand parents, aunts, uncles, etc.)
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Cell Phone for Day-of contact
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Will you meet at IC by 10:30 or meet at line-up on NW Highway (exact location will be texted out the day of.)
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