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I am looking for classes east of the Mississippi River to connect with my 5th graders in Coronado, CA for a Mystery Skype. We've already connected with NY, PA, and VA, so we are looking for connections outside of those three states. If you are interested in scheduling a Mystery Skype with us, please complete the form below. I will follow up with an email. We look forward to connecting with you!

Our goal is to connect with as many states as possible. If you aren't east of the Mississippi, we are still interested in connecting with you - in April. Request a date/time in the comments.

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We are open to meeting with any grade.
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Please select a date and time below. If you'd like to adjust the time a few minutes earlier or later to fit your schedule just add a note in the comments. If you aren't ready to meet now, but are interested in meeting later in the school year, select "other" and leave a suggested date/time in the comments section. Thank you!
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